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Lollini & Sons Inc. provides quality sales and service for outdoor kitchens and outdoor living in Moundsville, WV. We sell exquisite outdoor kitchens that will be the talk of the neighborhood. When homeowners need the outdoor kitchen of their dreams, they come to us to shop for affordable outdoor kitchens. These outdoor kitchens give homeowners an unbelievable outdoor spot to cook, barbeque, and host parties and celebrations. We work with you to fulfill your ideas for the outdoor kitchen and outdoor living. 

Call our friendly representatives at (740) 633-5200 Monday through Saturday about outdoor kitchens and outdoor living. Visit us on 830 Dewey Street in Martins Ferry. Call ahead if you are visiting on Saturday. We will be happy to talk to you during normal business hours about buying quality outdoor products.

Outdoor Kitchens

Are a Growing Trend in Outdoor Living

One of the growing trends among households in the Ohio Valley is outdoor kitchens in their outdoor living area. Outdoor kitchens are a great backyard entertaining spot for social gatherings. They are relaxing places for friends and family to share a meal and enjoy the summer weather. Outdoor kitchens eliminate the need to transfer cooked meals from your indoor kitchen to your outside dining area. They keep all the preparation and cooking mess to one place and allow the cook to interact with family and other guests.

Imagine What You Can Do

With a Quality Outdoor Kitchen

There are a wide variety of things that make up a good outdoor kitchen. There are cabinets that come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you want to add special features such as pizza ovens, built-in grills, ice makers, or wine or beverage coolers. You can even add a sink, refrigerator, bar, or a counter. Imagine what you can do with your outdoor space. You can even personalize it with brick or other masonry products. Lollini & Sons can exceed your expectations for your outdoor kitchen.

Some Features of an Outdoor Kitchen Include:

Built-in grill

Bar area


Pizza Oven

Additional storage such as extra drawers, shelves, and access doors


Refrigerator or coolers  




Trash/Recycle bins for easy convenience

Outdoor Living

Adds the Comforts of Indoor

Outdoor living involves you creating a space in your yard that is specifically dedicated to enjoying the outdoors. It is like moving the comforts of the indoors to the outdoors. Whatever you have on the inside can translate to the outside. This trend is becoming more and more popular. At Lollini & Sons Inc., we can help you add those cozy and comfortable touches to your outdoor space. 

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